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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Deflecto's product line?
  • Deflecto has one of the largest product lines in the Industry with sheet metal and aluminum pipe, duct and fittings, insulated and non insulated flexible duct, a complete line of clothes dryer venting, ventilation and exhaust products, chimney liners, registers, grilles, diffusers, black pipe products and cleaners.

  • What are your office hours?
  • The office is open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST; our courteous customer service and technical support staff is always ready to help and to answer your questions.

  • What are your phone numbers?
  • You can call toll free at 1-800-665-4328, direct line is 905-641-8872 or fax 905-641-2696.

  • Are your products North American made?
  • Deflecto has many facilities in North America that produce the majority of our products. We also own a China facility that serves the Asian and European markets.

  • Do you have specification sheets on your products?
  • Yes, you can see all the product specification sheets in the product section of this website.

  • Do you have UL product listings?
  • Yes, we have a wide variety of dryer venting that is tested to UL2158A. Also, we have a wide variety of UL181 air duct product lines. Deflecto is also an active member of HARDI, HRAI, ADC, ADI and other Industry groups.

  • What gauge of metal is required for installation?
  • Depending on the application we recommend you check your local building codes to ensure proper materials and installation practices are followed. For kitchen, bathroom and dryer venting use the International Mechanical Code for requirements. Deflecto carries product in all gauges to meet your needs.

  • Do you make custom sheet metal products?
  • Yes, we manufacture custom products. The Engineering staff begin with a customer approved CAD drawing of the product, material is selected, prototypes are made for customer approval and the finished custom products are completed. When customers make the volume of units manufactured as large as possible it does reduce the final cost per unit.

  • Is your rectangular duct priced by the piece or by a complete length of duct?
  • When ordering duct we sell by the length. This means you get 2 pieces of L shaped duct to make one full length of duct. So if you order 100 lengths you get 200 pieces.

  • Can white vinyl hose be used for dryer venting?
  • No! The proper items are A0 products (semi rigid aluminum duct UL181 and 2158A), F0 products (Foil dryer transition duct UL 2158A), Solid aluminum pipe or 28 gauge galvanized pipe. Always verify with local building code requirements. Deflecto manufactures and sells all of these products.

  • What size Chimney Liner do I need to use for attaching 2 gas appliances to my existing masonry chimney?
  • It will depend on the amount of BUT's your gas devices are emitting. Check the spec sheet on the product detail page.

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